Inefficiency Magazine


“This isn’t just a magazine, but a resource.”

We live in a world that is asking us to be relationally and emotionally intelligent. Yet, we don’t have many spaces and products out there that really hone our a whole self. As a team of helpers, artists and makers, we have set out to create a meaningful publication that helps us slow down long enough to find connection with the content as well as ourselves. We focused on making the magazine beautiful, thoughtful and therapeutic. This isn’t just a magazine, but a resource.

It’s For Those Who Care About Growth:

We believe our communities need as many healthy and dynamic products, services and people as possible. We have set out to create a magazine that will help relationally minded people to slow down, reflect and grow. From living rooms to coffee shops to doctor offices, our hope is that you will find meaningful experiences from these inefficient ideas and beautiful images.

It’s For Patients:

We believe there aren’t enough engaging resources that are helpful in your journey toward growth and healing. We have created this magazine to help support you in the often vulnerable (and often awkward) moments in therapy or medical waiting rooms that help center you and get your mind right before an appointment. This magazine also serves as a great touch point between sessions or after you have stopped therapy for a season by keeping you connected to health and wellness. If you are looking for something that will help you along your path, Inefficiency Magazine is something to consider!

It’s For Psychotherapists:

We have noticed in our therapeutic community that we lack resources for our space that aid our work and add beauty to our spaces. The waiting room often gets neglected and in turn our patients don’t see it as any sort of transitional space between the outside world and the intimate spaces of your office. This magazine helps your patients slow down before session to connect with their thoughts, feelings and convictions. Gone are the days where you mindlessly put out magazines! This is a publication you will want to read and you won’t mind your patients taking home for a week or two. We believe we’ve created not only a magazine but a resource for those who care about growth. And we believe you and your patients will benefit from this magazine hanging out in your therapeutic space.

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