Wednesday is Hump Day

Every Hump Day (Wednesday) I will write a post that revolves around relationships, sex and gender.  I just heard that 1/3 of the internet is pornographic in nature. It is my belief that we need more spaces that talk about healthy relationships, intimacy and sex.  So each Wednesday I will try and create a healthier space in this arena.  



We could go a hundred different ways with body image (shame, vulnerability, media, etc) but today I just want to talk generically about it.  

Dr. Conason in a Psychology Today article mentioned body hating as the new normal.  Whether it is teenagers/adults looking at "thigh-gaps" to a UNC study finding that only 12% of women over 50 are satisfied with their bodies.  

And men aren't left out either.  The Brown University Health Promotion website cited a study of college students preoccupation with their bodies.  They found 76% of women of normal weight thought about their appearance "all the time" while men of normal weight were at 46%.

The more we think, the more we compare, the more we find our way to discontentment.  But the question I am asking myself and ask of you on this hump day is...

How might your physical insecurities be getting in the way of connecting relationally?

This connecting might be enjoying yourself at the pool this summer, disrobing in front of your partner or maybe even what you say to your partner when they disrobe.  Think on it. I will too.