Welcome to Inefficiency!  This is my blog and podcast that will be my home base from here on out.  My blog is where I will work out ideas and curiosities particularly around the themes of theology, psychology and creativity.  Or to put it another way- love, care and passion.

I will be posting on the blog every Monday, Wednesday, Friday.  Here is the breakdown...

Monday: Shipment Day- Each Monday I will post a video, podcast or picture that will hopefully do something for the human spirit. 

Wednesday: Hump Day- Each Wednesday I will explore topics revolving around relationships, sex and gender.

Friday:  Media Day - Each Friday I will post a pic or video that creates a bit of introspection or wonder.

--- Every other Monday a new Inefficiency podcast will be released.

--- Each Monday that we don't have a podcast being released Erin Inman will post a unique illustration.  


Feel free to stay connected by subscribing to the blog or following me on twitter ( @inefficiencypod ).