Hump Day/ 5.6.15

I had a rough day. A sad day. A disappointing day.  

It's Wednesday night but it doesn't feel like I'm getting over any hump.

I came home to a wife who listened, empathized and eventually mourned with me. There is something about being "one" that allows us to not just feel for each other but feel with each other.  

This is a part of true intimacy. I am thankful for her presence. It's a presence found in healthy marriage, friendship and other relational ties forged through a commitment to see life all the way through together. In the end, this inefficiency togetherness is what solidifies love and allows trust to flow. 

Regardless of marital status, do you have someone like this in your life?

These people teach us to be "whole hearted" individuals. Whole hearted living is a term used by Brene Brown in reference to the people that go through difficult situations but don't have their worth and sense of belonging on the table to be taken. Our inefficient friends and partners are with us and remind us that certain things just aren't on the chopping block.  

I hope you can find these types of people in your life if you haven't yet.  I hope you can be that kind of reminder to people around you as well.