Episode #74 Micah Bournes Art and Fear


Micah Bournes is a spoken word poet, rapper and blues musician. Born and raised in Long Beach, California, Micah grew up heavily influenced by hip hop. He is a brave artist who wrestles with important topics such as racism, sexism and faith. His courage extends to the modes of art itself, unafraid to try new paths in the hopes of finding something new and beautiful.

He sat down to talk with Matt about the massive influence the book Art and Fear has had on his life. Micah talks about how quantity is better than quality in some aspects and the necessity of making bad art. Enjoy!    @micahbournes

Episode #70 Nikki McClure Art As Invitation

Equal- nikki mclure.jpg

Nikki McClure is an artist who specializes in paper cutting. Her art has a simple but very challenging frame, to sketch an image on a black piece of paper, cut it with an X-Acto knife and make sure it all connects. Each image you see of her work is one single pice of paper! Her artwork invites us to feel something personal and communal. She makes a yearly calendar and children's books. She resides with her family in Olympia, Washington.