Episode #74 Micah Bournes Art and Fear


Micah Bournes is a spoken word poet, rapper and blues musician. Born and raised in Long Beach, California, Micah grew up heavily influenced by hip hop. He is a brave artist who wrestles with important topics such as racism, sexism and faith. His courage extends to the modes of art itself, unafraid to try new paths in the hopes of finding something new and beautiful.

He sat down to talk with Matt about the massive influence the book Art and Fear has had on his life. Micah talks about how quantity is better than quality in some aspects and the necessity of making bad art. Enjoy!    @micahbournes

Episode #70 Nikki McClure Art As Invitation

Equal- nikki mclure.jpg

Nikki McClure is an artist who specializes in paper cutting. Her art has a simple but very challenging frame, to sketch an image on a black piece of paper, cut it with an X-Acto knife and make sure it all connects. Each image you see of her work is one single pice of paper! Her artwork invites us to feel something personal and communal. She makes a yearly calendar and children's books. She resides with her family in Olympia, Washington.

Episode #39 Connor Jay Depression & The Beauty of Wrong Turns

Connor Jay is an undergraduate student studying the art and politics of story and is working towards going for his masters in counseling. He lives in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. He's trying to spend his days reminding people that they are so worth loving. He reads and rides bikes a lot. You can find him online on most platforms at @connorrejay.

Episode #14 Jonnie Russell Cold War Kids, Transition and Skid Row

Jonathan Russell is a chaplain working for urban justice at the Union Rescue Mission on skid row in Downtown Los Angeles, a contributing fellow at the USC Center for Religion and Civic Culture, and an adjunct professor of philosophy and religion at Chaffey College. He hold a Masters degree in theology and philosophy of religion from Fuller Theological Seminary, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Religion and Philosophy at Claremont Graduate University. He was formerly a young adult and college minister and prior to that he spent nearly a decade as a professional musician in the music industry as a founding member of the band Cold War Kids, in which he was a songwriter and the lead guitarist.

Episode #12 Christina Lee Kim Our Development & Intersectionality

Dr. Kim is a licensed clinical psychologist and assistant professor at Biola University.  She regularly teaches in the undergraduate psychology department and supervises doctoral research at Rosemead School of Psychology. Her research interests include multiculturalism and gender issues, racial and cultural identity formation, Asian-American psychology, and the use of qualitative research methods. 

Episode #8 Pablo Mendoza Systemic Racism and Constructive Engagement

Dr. Pablo B. Mendoza has been a student affairs professional since 1989, a career in which he has served in a number of disciplines within the field.  Over the last two decades, he has served at four universities, including the University of Missouri, and the University of California-San Diego.  From the beginning of his career in residential life to his last position as Director of the Multicultural Center at MU, he has supervised different functions in the areas of multicultural affairs, LGBTQ programs, leadership development conferences, parent orientation and experiential education. Dr. Mendoza began his tenure as Assistant to the President for Social Equity at Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2013. 

Episode #6 Roy Barsness Love and Psychoanalysis

Dr. Barsness holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology – Los Angeles, a Masters Degree (M.A.) in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA, a Postgraduate Certificate in Family Studies from the Los Angeles Family Institute and has completed an intensive training program in Psychoanalytic Theory from the Northwest Alliance for Psychoanalytic Studies. Dr. Barsness also holds a Clinical Associate Professor appointment at the University of Washington in the Department of Psychiatry and the Behavioral Sciences. Prior to coming to The Seattle School, Dr. Barsness was Director of Clinical Training at Seattle Pacific University. He has also taught at Fuller Theological Seminary and Antioch University. His primary interest is in the intersection of psychoanalytic thought and theology. He is a member of the American Psychological Association; the Christian Association of Psychology, the Center for Object Relations and the NW Center for Psychoanalytic Study. 

Episode #4 Joseph Barkley Good & Bad Comfort

Joseph Barkley is my guest today.  He is the pastor of Radius Church, a church for those who are convinced church is irrelevant. Joseph describes himself as a "husband, dad, talker, lover of new ideas, and purveyor of indiscriminate grace." He has spent the last few years pastoring Ecclesia Church in Hollywood and prior to that, he spent 10 years as a professional musician.  Joseph is a dynamic speaker and writer.  For more on Joseph Barkley:  

Twitter: @mrjosephbarkley

Episode #2 Una Mulale Race & The 7 Billion Expressions of God

Una Mulale is the Director of Pediatric Critical Care at Woodhull Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York.  he is about to transition out of her current position and into a fellowship at Harvard Medical School in Pediatric Global Health.  She is the co-founder of Barona, an organization promoting the value of all human beings and aims to create Botswana’s first Children’s Hospital. 

Twitter: @unamulale