self expression

Episode #7 Nathan Yoder Inspiration and Expression of the Self

Nathan Yoder is an illustrator and designer currently based in Portland, Oregon. Growing up in Oklahoma, Nathan pulls inspiration from the blue collar, hands on, middle American lifestyle that was such a big part of his upbringing. After university, Nathan worked as a graphic designer at a small agency in Tulsa, Oklahoma before reconnecting with his first love of hand drawn art. What began as quick sketches to pass the time eventually evolved into the pursuit of illustration and lettering as a full time job. Fast forward four years to today; Nathan is now self employed working under the name Yondr Studio for clients such as Nike, Field And Stream, Popular Science, Element, and Miller Coors while also juggling the constant flow of self initiated projects.

Instagram: @nathanyoder / Twitter: @nathanyoder /


(Due to sound issues this episode is best listened to with headphones)